Is the view worth the climb?

After climbing for 8 hours is the view worth the climb?

Why ask this question?

When someone offers a product, a process, or a philosophy your reaction is some form of this question. Should you ‘buy’ whatever someone is selling? Will buying cost too much money, effort, time, or some other currency? Will the return on your investment be high enough to take the risk you perceive? is no different. I want to sell the things listed below:

  1. The Theory of Constraints (TOC) or what some people prefer to call ‘Managing by the Constraints’.
  2. Our Alkyone consultancy and consultants help you install various TOC solutions. Note that our consultants are not TOC zealots. They use Lean, TPS, Six Sigma, solutions, and methods whenever they are appropriate. TOC does not cover all the waterfront. There are many other valuable tools and methods.
  3. Our Alkyone TOC Academies. Come and learn with our experts and become an expert yourself. You might want to be the expert within your company.
  4. The blog articles I write (and those from people invite) will be about TOC implementations. I intend to challenge you to take similar actions. I also hope you will report your results as an author on my blog.
  5. TOC software solutions. I want to write about 3. Two are Alkyone-Consulting’s Simple Planning and TOC in SAP. They are add-ons to ERP. They support TOC production and distribution. The third is Sabesoft. Sabesoft is an ERP solution with TOC support built in.

For all the above ask “is the view worth the climb”.

For your business, I cannot definitively answer the question. I can describe what I and others have achieved. I can describe what and how to implement a challenge such as a target to cut your lead time by 50%. I can evaluate what a 50% lead time cut might be worth to a business. If you want to evaluate your business’s potential, you can use my Excel spreadsheet.

For now, is under construction. Blog posts will appear at irregular intervals. When I find out how to invite you to subscribe to my blog please then do so.

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