Reinforcing Feedback Loops

In the News: Recently news media talked about reinforcing loops and climate change. Human activity increases global temperatures and cause polar ice caps to melt. This exposes more seawater. Since seawater is dark it absorbs more energy than the white ice. It adds to the warming effect. We have an accelerating cycle .

Something similar happens with large tracts of tundra. As they warm, they release methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, that in turn causes more warming.

You get the picture. We have some powerful reinforcing feedback loops helping to speed up global warming. No doubt there are some other feedback loops that decelerate global warming. Unfortunately, they are a minority.

A Business has feedback loops too.

The diagram below explains the case of continual improvement failure. It explains why focusing on the system constraint is so important to ensure success. The success of a continual improvement initiative breads a positive reinforcing loop.

Why not re-build this logical diagram starting with the statement:

“Our company focuses on the organisation’s constraint”.

If you would like to discuss how best to focus, where and how one way is to contact us for an initial discussion.

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